Cooperation in scientific research and technology product development

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | October 26th, 2017

In Hanoi, on the morning of November 29, 2013, the agreement on cooperation in scientific research and technology product development between the University of Technology, Hanoi National University and Viet Ba Equipment Co., Ltd. takes place based on the fields of activity and the need to strengthen capacity in scientific research and development of technology products..

The two sides agreed to work together on scientific research, technology products and application deployment in the field of medical digitalization in the direction of well implementing the integration of scientific research and application, and predetermination. Eyes focus on research and development in upgrading and integrating routine portable and portable X-ray machines into portable and digital portable X-ray machines. Specifically, the two sides work together to develop experimental production applications for digital portable flatbed sensor technology (DR / FPD).