Solution for upgrading the fixed dual FPD X-ray digitization system at Vinh Loc General Hospital

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | April 26th, 2020

The solution to upgrade the fixed X-ray digitizing system using 01 original sensor plate has been successfully upgraded by an engineer of Viet Ba Equipment Co., Ltd. to a complete X-ray digitizing system. 02 flat sensor plates. Completed installation and put into use at Vinh Loc General Hospital - Thanh Hoa in April 2020.

Instead of using a flat sensor (FPD) that can be disassembled and moved around, so inconvenient and fast broken .

Advantages :

  1. This solution allows the connection and use of 2 DR panels of 2 different manufacturers, one under the table and the one on the lung, to be controlled and captured Dicom images on the same DROC software.
  2. Make use of the hospital's available resources (high-frequency radiators, x-ray tubes, calibrators, lying posture tables, pulmonary racks, available DR plates, Dicom film printers ...). Cost savings compared to the plan to buy a new complete digital X-ray system.