Electrolytes + Blood Gas

Device name:                                       Automatic electrolyte analyzer

English name: Electrolyte Analyzer

Model:                                               EasyLyte

Manufacturer:                                 Medica - USA


Equipment function:

EasyLyte has 4 types of models has the following functions:

  • EasyLyte Na+/ K+
  • EasyLyte Plus Na+/ K+/ Cl
  • EasyLyte Lithium: Na+/ K+/ Li
  • EasyLyte Calcium Na+/ K+/Shift++/ pH.

General features: 

  1. Easy to use 
  • Simple operation with 2 keys YES / NO
  • Variety of blood samples: whole blood, plasma or urine sample.
  • Test speed is fast, within 60 seconds of results.
  • Standard automatic or standard on request
  • Automatically wash the suction needle
  • High precision
  • The machine automatically detects anemia or foamy blood and takes care of itself.
  • Flexible, adjustable standard control processor with other methods.
  1. Easy to maintain
  • All standards are contained in a convenient, disposable solution box.
  • All waste is also contained in a solution box.
  • Electrode READY SENSOR is MEDICA's patented technology, no need to change electrode membrane, and stable electrode during electrode working process.
  • Modular design makes operation simpler and faster.
  1. Easy to equip
  • Reasonable price of machine
  • Low test cost

Outstanding feature and specification of the device

  1. The amount of blood tested:
  • 100 µl in the common type for whole blood, serum, plasma.
  • 60 µl in a capillary tube
  • 400µl diluted blood (1:10)
  1. Measurement methods: Direct measurement with selective electrode (ISE)
  2. Measuring ranges and limits

 Whole health Display limit

Na+      20 - 200 mmol / l 0.1mmol / l

K+        0.2- 40 mmol / l 0.01mmol / l

Cl–        25 - 200 mmol / l 0.1 mmol / l

Li + 0.2-5.0 mmol / L 0.01mmol / l

Ca ++ 0.1-6.0 mmol / L 0.01 mmol / l

pH: 6.0-8.0 units 0.005 units



Na+      25- 1000 mmol / l

K+        1.0 - 500 mmol / l

Cl       25- 500 mmol / l

  1. Characteristics: Na+/ K+            Na+/ K+/ Cl      Na+/ K+/ Li+       Na+/ K+/Shift++/ pH

Analysis time:                55 seconds 55 seconds 55 seconds 60 seconds

                                                For whole blood

Urine mode: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Analysis time: 90 seconds 90 seconds 90 seconds not available

Automatic sample converter: Yes Yes Yes No No

Capillary Blood: Yes Yes Yes No No

Ambient temperature: 15-32OC

Output signal: RS-232 computer connection port

Power usage: 100 - 240 V 50/60 Hz

Dimensions and mass: Width x Height x Depth = 240 x 420 x 200 mm

Weight 7.3 kg (Including reagent module)


Firm / country of manufacture: MEDICA / USA

Quality standards: ISO, FDA, GMP

(Do not use gas cylinders)


  • The main unit comes with standard accessories;
1. Sample reagent (Reagent Module) 01 bottle
2. Reference electrode 01 piece
3. pH electrode 01 piece
4. The pO2 electrode 01 piece
5. PCO2 polarity 01 piece
6. Washing water 01 box
7. Thermal printing paper 02 rolls
8. Power cable 01 strand
9. Documentation of use 01 book


With the EasyBloodGas blood gas machine, Medica redefined the design of the blood gas machine



  • The sophistication of the traditional blood gas machine has been encapsulated in a sturdy design with a small stand to save space. The cylinders are removed. The gas and liquid have been mixed (using an barometer) to create a handy Reagent Module containing calibre solutions. All components are combined into three simple, easily accessible modules. for users. The periodic warranty is limited to the simple replacement of electrodes and pump lines.
  • Medica EasyBloodGas blood gas analyzer can measure pH, PCO2, PO2 and calculate other 11 parameters. Patient parameters include, Temperature, FIO2Hb can be added with an electronic keyboard and incorporated into the patient results. The measured and calculated results will be displayed on the screen and printed. Simple menus guide the user through the operation. The modular design will make maintenance easy.
  • EasyBloodGas addresses the economical need of the laboratory in returning patient results. Unique electrode design, combined with precise control of calibre volume ensure savings in operation and low cost per sample.


  1. Advantages:
  • Operation with the menu displayed simply by touching the keyboard:
  • EasyBloodGas can be programmed to follow predefined laboratory procedures. The software allows to select the required options including Reference Limits, Quality Control Limits, Operator ID and Patient Information.
  • Valve Module contains a very durable ceramic valve, selects and incubates the reagent
  • The Sample Module contains a multi-function sample aspirator and self-cleaning needle that is convenient and safe
  • Maintenance-free electrode design makes mounting fast and safe.
  • ... Easy to maintain:
  • EasyBloodGas can be maintained by anyone, anywhere and anytime:
  • The innovative design simplifies maintenance, addressing the need of the laboratory with limited access to technical staff. Technical support can be carried out by phone or fax, completely eliminating the need for on-site repair. Analysis software displays the condition of the parts for quick diagnosis. Modular design makes disassembly quick and easy.
  • 3 modules can be disassembled - Reagent, Valve, Sensor without any tools.
  • No need to use gas cylinders, bringing great benefits to users
  • The Reagent module independently removes the gas cylinders and stores all waste.
  • ... Easy to manage data:
  • General quality control and data management:
  • The EasyBloodGas quality control program calculates and stores all 3 levels of the last 30 quality test results. A printed Levey-Jennings chart identifies trends. The data management program compares the entire results of all patients in an array stored in memory and flag the results that exceed the threshold. Results for up to 64 patients can be stored in memory.
  • …Easy to use:
  • Manipulating blood gas analysis has never been simpler
  • The versatile aspirator can accept aspirated samples by syringe or capillary tube. The ability to automatically clean the suction needle creates convenience, keep the prototype and is safe for the user
  • The reagent module definitely makes it convenient, economical and safe
  • The bulky gas cylinders are replaced with compressed liquid calibres, all packed in a handy reagent module that can contain waste, thus protecting the user from the risk of infection. The reagent module's solid state memory allows EasyBloodGas to track the date and reagent usage. Ensure uninterrupted operation.
  • The electrodes are disposable and require no maintenance
  • Advanced membrane technology and novel fabrication techniques offer unmatched convenience in changing electrodes. Users never need to change membranes with Medica's integral membrane design, thus saving time and simplifying maintenance.


II. Technical information:

  • CLIA classification: Moderate complexity
  • Sample type: Whole blood
  • Sample capacity: 100ul Syringe, 75ul Capillary Tube
  • Measured parameters:
  • pH: 6.9 - 7.9 pH units
  • PCO2: 8.0 - 150.0 mmHg
  • PO2: 10 - 700 mmHg


  • Calculated parameters:
  • pH (T): The correctly calculated pH temperature
  • PO2 (T): PO temperature2 calculated correctly
  • PCO2 (T): PCO temperature2 calculated correctly
  • TCO2 (Total Carbon Dioxide): 0 - 50 mmol / L
  • HCO3– (Bicarbonate): 0 - 50 mmol / L
  • BEIGEb (Base Excess in Blood): -25.0 - 2.50 mmol / L
  • BEIGEecf (Base Excess in extra cellular fluid): -25.0 - 25.0 mmol / L
  • SBC (Standard Bicarbonate): 0 - 50 mmol / L
  • %SO2c (Oxygen Saturation calculated at normal P50): 40.0 - 100.0%
  • A - aDO2 (Alveolar arterial oxygen gradient): 0 - 700 mmHg
  • RI (Respiratory Index): 0.0 - 70.0


  • Input parameters:
  • Patient temperature: 5 - 45oC
  • Hemoglobin: 30 - 300 g / dL
  • FIO2: 10 - 100%
  • Patient ID: 14 digits


  • Sample temperature control: 37oC ± 0.2oC
  • Room conditions:
  • 15 - 30oC (59 - 86oF), 500 - 800 mmHg (up to 15 PSI)
  • Relative humidity 5 - 85%, no dust
  • Atmospheric environment (21% PO2)


  • Analysis time: 125 seconds
  • Data saving:
  • Results of 64 patients with Operator ID, Patient ID, date and time
  • 30 results per level (1, 2, 3)


  • Calib: Automatically or on request
  • Import Export: Numeric keypad, display screen, 27-column thermal printer, barcode reader port, RS-232 computer interface port


  • Electrical Power: 100/115 ~ VAC, 50 - 60 Hz, 0.8A or 220 ~ VAC, 50 - 60 Hz, 0.4A
  • Dimensions and mass:
  • 5 "W x 12.5" H x 7 "D (37 cm W x 32cm H x 18cm D)
  • 16 lbs (7.3 kg) including the reagent module