Model: ADAMS TM A1c HA-8180V

Manufacturer: Arkray - Japan

Country of origin: Japan

Status: New device 100%

I. Configuration:

  1. Device
  • Main machine ADAMS A1C HA-8180V: 01 unit
  • Sample tray with the sample holder: 01
  • Power cord: 01
  • 58mm thermal paper: 5 rolls / box
  • Tool kit + user manual: 01
  • The sample rack includes: normal rack, start rack, whole blood pair rack, hemolysis pair rack, anemia rack, hemolysis control rack, calibration rack, washing rack: 01 set
  • Adapter for sample cup (10 / box): 01 box
  • Adapter for conventional sample trays (10 / box): 10 boxes
  • The necessary components to ensure the machine can work normally: 01 set
  1. Chemical running machine:
  • COLUMN UNIT 80: 01 column chromatography column
  • Solution ELUENT 80A (600mlx4 bag) / box: 01 box
  • Solution ELUENT 80B (600mlx2 bags) / box: 01 box
  • Solution ELUENT 80CV (600mlx2 bags) / box: 01 box
  • HEMOLYSIS WASHING SOLUTION 80H (2000mlx3 bag) cleaning solution / box: 01 box
  • Chemical for machine calibration: 01

 II. Technical features:

  • Sample measurement time is 90 seconds in Variant mode and 48 seconds in Fast mode. In the measurement mode Variant mode, HbA1c and HbS meter and detects the presence of HbS and HbC within 90s. If you need to measure two parameters HbA1c and HbS, just run in Fast Mode for 48 seconds.
  • Can load up to 100 samples at the same time in continuous running mode.
  • Easy to use, simple. The machine automatically prims chemicals after turning on the machine. Displays measurement results, machine status, chemical status and operating procedures on a large LCD screen on the body. The screen also shows clearly graph of measurement results.
  • The function of stirring the sample before measurement: Helps the measurement results to be stable, accurate, and not affected by the types of sediment in the blood.
  • Simple machine maintenance: Daily maintenance of the machine is simple, users can easily disassemble the machine without requiring any special tools. A pre-filter is built into the chromatographic column, so the user does not have to do the replacement of the pre-filter.
  • With emergency measurement function: there is a specialized port for measuring samples in the case of an emergency, then the normal sample measurement procedure will be interrupted to perform emergency measurement. This measurement can also be performed in the case the machine screen is in STANDBY standby mode
  • There is a liquid level sensor on the machine to help prevent the loss of chemicals during the sample measurement.
  • There is a timer for setting the machine to turn on / off automatically

III. The specifications of the machine are as follows: