Automatic Immunity

AUTOMATIC Immunology Testing Equipment

Machine name                                  ARCHITECT i2000SR



Test principle:

  • Immunoassay techniques Photoluminescent chemistry the most advanced CHEMIFLEX

Test procedure:

  • Procedure 2-step test with automatic sample pretreatment, avoiding Hook effect

Test speed:

  • 200 tests / hour

Result type:

  • Qualitative
  • Quantitative
  • Ratio

Auto-dilution and auto-retest

Have sample dilution system and rerun automatically when needed. This procedure is performed using the test machine software, if the result exceeds the linear limit of the assay

Varied sample tube

The sample tray accepts any sample tube with no need for declaration or needle adjustment

Sample type

Specimens are serum, plasma or other body fluids depending on the type of test

Sample delivery system by automatic robot RSH (Retest Sample Handler)

Transport of specimens by robotic mechanism from the sample loading compartment to the sampling position and vice versa, allowing immediate sampling at any sample loading position, at any time at will.

Sample feeder

Contains 135 samples (35 priority patterns and 100 samples running)

Reagent type

In the form of a solution, use immediately. A set of pills contains 3 vials of solution

Pack: 100 test / kit, 400 test / kit, 2000 test / kit

Reagent tray

The reagent tray has 25 positions for simultaneously 25 different reagent kits. The reagent boxes are automatically identified by the barcode system. The bottles are differentiated by color coding

The reagent compartment has a refrigeration system

The reagent compartment is cooled for storing reagents in the machine. Reagents can be kept in the machine for up to 30 days without damage

Chemical stability

The reagent cartridges have a very high stability. If used and stored according to the correct instructions, the used cans can be stable until the expiration date indicated on the pack.


Fully automated, all stages of sample delivery, reagents, incubation, washing, reading and printing of results

The operation is very simple, only need to perform 3 steps:

  • - Place the test sample and reagent kit in the machine.
  • - Indicates the types of tests to be performed.
  • - Press the button “RUN”

Operation type

  • CONTINUOUS, RANDOM: The ability to load samples continuity and random This is achieved with a sampler and a processor

separate samples, the mechanical part are not interdependent, so that test pieces and consumables can be added or removed at any time without hindering running tests.

  • EMERGENCY: The machine can be ordered to prioritize running the emergency patterns. The urgent test run time is less than 15 minutes.

Ability to do many different tests simultaneously on a patient sample

Simultaneously perform 25 different types of tests on the same patient sample

There are sensors that recognize patient and chemical sample levels

There are sensors that recognize patient and chemical sample levels

The machine will error if the sample or the chemical does not reach the required level.

Technique of suctioning solution and rinsing the tip of the needle

The robot system carries a probe that sucks chemicals and patients correctly. Suction needle mounted in suspension springs, impact resistant.

The nozzle is coated with a special non-stick material (teflon) and is automatically washed after each suction with a special SmarthWash washing mode, completely eliminating the possibility of cross-contamination.

Interface with operator

  • 17 inch touchscreen LCD screen
  • Universal keyboard

The tester communicates with the machine via the keyboard or can directly press the finger on the icon on the touch screen.

Microcomputer control system configuration

Software based on Windows NT, icon menu structure There are 2 parallel hard drives for data storage safety.

Built-in modem allows remote troubleshooting

Data storage

Can store, retrieve and print:

  • 000 patient results
  • 000 controls

Local storage system

There are UPS for control and management center to store information and data done in case of sudden power failure

Interface with the server

Bidirectional (ASTM bidirectional) via RS 232 port

User guides, reports and troubleshooting help

Online device manual software

The content of training and coaching has been integrated on the device

Software error reports and troubleshooting instructions (Help)

Standard time is stable

Calibration Curve: up to 30 days

QC quality inspection system

  • QC test using Levey Jennings graphs up to 35,000 QC points
  • Calibration curve: You can optionally run the baseline

+ 6 points (with Standard Calibrators)

+ or 2 points (with Master Calibrators)

Controls for quality control: Each type of test has a control to run quality checks.

Identification techniques

Barcode reader identification of samples and reagents

Device connectivity

Capable of connecting with the Architect c8000 biochemical test machine to become an ci8200 biochemistry-immunity system, with a single control program


English, French, German, Italian or Spanish

Machine model

Standing on the floor, there is a wheel system for moving

Size, weight

Length 154.9 cm - Width 124.5 cm - Height 121.9 cm

- Weight 490 Kg

Working environment conditions

  • Electrical Power:

. Voltage 200-240V / AC - Frequency 50 / 60Hz

. Maximum power consumption of 2500W

  • Work room: . Temperature 15-30 ° C. Humidity 10-85%


Ability to upgrade, update software continuously

The software to run the tests is on the program disks. The discs

This is provided by the company to the customer free of charge with the reagents, so the machine is always able to run newly developed or improved tests.

After sales service

Spare parts: always available in Vietnam

  • Chemical supply: there are routine types available such as cardiovascular, thyroid, infectious diseases ...
  • Training: on site until proficient. Advanced training and continuous technical support as required, at no extra cost.
  • Maintenance facilities & technical force in Vietnam:

+ The engineers and technical specialists of the company are trained by the company in foreign countries

+ ABBOTT has a representative office in Vietnam, always ready to provide timely technical support when needed.



The I1000 is an automated luminescent immunization test machine, using chemiluminescence technology directly from the tracer Acridinium Ester (AE), based on magnetic microparticles. Stable performance, quick result return, simple and reliable operation. With these features, the I1000 can meet the majority of laboratory requirements. The I1000 is not only suitable for routine testing requirements from small and medium hospitals, but it also supports emergency testing (STAT) for large hospitals. The highly compatible and quality controlled chemical and testing systems ensure accurate test results and high reliability.


Multi-magnetic separation technology, high B / F separation efficiency.

Patented, minimizes magnetic particle size.

Tracking technology ensures accuracy in sampling to micro-volume.

The sample probe has the function of detecting the amount of liquid, blood clotting. Sample volume is less than 0.1ppm.


One Test Module gets 180 tests / hour.

Time to return results: 14 minutes.


Automatically start and shut down the computer.

Chemical and sample can be changed continuously during operation.

Priority tray for emergency samples (STAT), automatic sample return.

The software is simple, easy to use.


When the sample is full, the machine operates automatically within 4 hours without operator required.

Remote diagnosis.

Input quality control metrology system.

  1. A list of possible tests


  1. Specifications

  1.  User manual
  • The company is responsible for the installation, manual use at the place of use.
  • 1 year warranty for manufacturer defects.
  • Ensuring the supply of chemicals, consumable materials and spare parts for the machine for at least 10 years.
  • Supplying stable chemicals and consumables, meeting customers' needs within 24 hours after placing an order.
  • Perform maintenance as required.