Automatic template dyeing


Outstanding featurest of the machine:
  • Automatic drying method:
    • High efficiency, does not burn or overheat the template
  • Chemicals, smart cleaning solutions:
    • Chemicals and washing water are packed in sealed bottles, ready to use on the machine, technicians do not have to prepare
    • KS has developed dyeing chemicals for applications: AFB, GRAM, Wright-Giemsa, PAP, DNA, H&E
  • Cleaning procedure: CIt allows for a fully automatic cleaning cycle for pumps, valves, pipes and nozzles.
  • Clean template support: Allows to perform automatic cleaning cycle for the template holder.
  • DyeThe dyeing cycle will be started according to user preset parameters.
  • Options: There are many programmed running modes.
  • Tracking window: The transparent cover allows to look inside while the machine is running.
  • Display temperature display: The machine's internal temperature is displayed in real time on the screen
Technical parameters:  
SMU template holder capacity 1 to 20 templates - 40 templates in total with SMU option
Temperature pre-installed Drying system with real-time temperature display (60-70 ° C)
Dyeing cycle Chemical pump (Sample fixation - Color dyeing - Color fading - Base dyeing - Drying)
Dyeing time 5-15 minutes / depends on waiting time and number of templates
Chemical consumption About 0.6ml ~ 2ml / template
Size / TL W x S x C 507mm x 554mm x 274mm / 20kg

Benefits of using the KS-S100:

  • The machine automatically replaces manual operations of the technician
  • Save space in the XN room
  • Fast dyeing, save time
  • Chemicals and consumables are strictly controlled
  • The dyed template is of uniform and high quality
  • Chemicals and consumables are used efficiently
  • Reduce labor intensity for technicians
  • Do not pollute the environment
  • Reduce the risk of exposure from patient samples
Plan to put the device into use:
  • Sell the machine
  • Rental of machines (by time or by number of dyed templates)
  • Set up joint venture machines to provide services and share profits