Currently in Vietnam, each Department of Health manages about 20-30 hospitals and medical facilities in its area, the Department of Military Medicine also manages about 30 military hospitals. Most hospitals today are equipped with software, but not synchronous, due to different providers, so the information connection automatically connects hospitals in the city and provincial health departments. or the health sector, or more broadly, the area to serve the immediate general management of the regulator has not been implemented and there is currently no agency to offer a solution to this problem.

In this document, we would like to propose an advanced solution using software technology to provide better support and efficient use of technology in improving the performance management of each operation. hospitals, at the same time helping to improve the management and operation of hospitals by management agencies. Therefore, a hospital can improve the quality of its patient service by improving the productivity and performance of its hospital and this will be done through this solution, and the governing body Through this solution, it will integrate hospital information to create Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to help analyze evaluation for management on a centralized solution. .

The goal of the solution is to help ensure data collection from hospitals at different levels (under the Department of Military Medicine, Department of Health, etc.) and to create custom tools with different KPIs as required. management bridge.

Benefits and values that the solution brings:

This solution will provide management agencies with a simple and easy way to get any information immediately to help the decisions in management quickly, promptly and highly effective.

1. Information circulation pattern

All information collected from different Hospitals by VBBroker system will be sent and collected at the Main Data Center. From this data center, the regulator can use KPIs that have been designed to have a quick and accurate view of the work and performance of the hospitals in its management system.

2. The composition of the solution:
  • VBBroker

“VBBroker” is the ideal solution for integration with “HIS” Hospital Information System using HL7 protocol.

In which, the system can receive requests and personal information of patients from the reservation system of HIS Hospital Information System through a third party to synchronize HL7 standards, This is done on the Data Management Server (VBBroker).

This solution supports many types of standard HL7 messages (eg ADT, ORU, ORM, DFM, ... etc).

  • VBAnalytics | Business intelligence application

VB Analytics is enterprise intelligence software that allows users to create dashboards, visualize analytics, and generate reports using data from multiple sources, anytime, anywhere. Users can access data and perform the above work using any desktop, notebook, tablet, IPAD or any smart phone.

3. Results of the solution (KPIs)

With millions of records and data from hospitals, an integrated intelligent analysis tool is used in the solution to enable dashboard displays of KPIs 'key performance indicators'. help users sit in one place but can easily monitor, analyze, forecast and manage all the hospitals in the system they manage.

This is a valuable synchronous solution to help achieve good performance in the management of hospital operations.

The main results from implementing such a solution are collected data, which can be analyzed and presented so that decision-makers can make the right decisions at the right time to achieve maximum benefits. It improves the healthcare services provided to the patient, helps bring efficiency, maximizes profits by reducing operating costs and increasing the productivity of all professionals and operators in healthcare field.

This solution can be used to monitor some clinical measures such as mortality rate, main cause of death in children, women's health, rate of chronic infection on population distribution; effectiveness of drug use and rate of cure; monitoring the use and productivity of machines and equipment operators; daily and periodic sales tracking; and many other indicators ...


Scope of work:

To display a KPI at the management level, two steps are needed:

Step 1

This step involves collecting data from hospitals through a dedicated system within each hospital, our VBBROKER software. integrated with HL7 standards with each hospital's HIS hospital information system.

The data will be interpreted and saved in local memory inside the hospital server.

Step 2

This step will gather the results performed in step 1 from different hospitals that need to be managed and transferred to a centralized database, and from there we will create KPIs according to management requirements with different display formats (for example: analysis results in the form of Pie, Bar… .vv graphs)

Describe the main steps of the integration outlined in Step 1:

  • HIS, when accepting a new patient, every time he accepts the message will be forwarded to VBBroker system.
  • HIS, when an order has been scheduled for any department, at the same time such an order will be forwarded to VBBroker System.
  • HIS, may modify the order request by resending an ORM message with the Update Flag, to update this order details.
  • HIS, may amend the patient's personal information either before the examination or after the examination is performed
  • HIS, when duplicate patient data needs to be merged (If this is accepted by the hospital)
  • HIS, can transfer the patient by location (for the patient) to another location, from ward to ward, bed to bed, building to building ...
  • Medical Imaging \ PACS, when the patient comes in to start their examination, the technician sets the Study status to “In progress” on medical imaging, it is sent to update the order for VBBroker
  • Medical image creation \ PACS, after successful completion of examination, technician Study status to “Tested” about medical imaging, it is passed to update order for VBBroker
  • The PACS, where the doctor views the medical imaging, will write and approve the report, and the HL7 report will be returned to VBBroker on the same order request that has been submitted.

Implementation time of the whole project will be 6 months from the date of receiving the order according to the agreed work. Step 1 is expected to be deployed within the first month of implementation to speed up the project. Any changes or additions to the scope of work will be discussed and agreed upon among project stakeholders and may be included upon completion of the scope of work. Step 1 so that it does not affect the project handover deadline. Other requirements will be discussed while the project is underway.



All software will be deployed for installation at the location specified by the hospital when ordering.



The KPIs are as follows:

  • Analyze revenue over time and forecast
  • Revenue analysis for cash and credit and insurance.
  • Call Center productivity analysis
  • Analysis of patient satisfaction
  • Productivity analysis using medical imaging equipment
  • Analyze the productivity of the employee welcoming the patient
  • Analyze the performance of the Doctors / Radiologists
  • Analysis of the productivity of doctors receiving patients
  • Analyze the needs and responses for the patient and the receiving doctor
  • Analysis of medical report performance
  • ……


In addition, other KPIs can be easily generated from the built-in analysis software tool and installed in our solution.


The following is the recommended software to secure the implementation of the solution:


With this solution, we recommend having a fiber-optic Internet connection that can support future needs from a full EMR electronic medical record solution if needed (EMR-Electronic Medical Record, or also known as the online medical record that automates the clinical diagnostics activities of health care facilities), the transmission line also requires high bandwidth, especially when many users are active at the same time.

In the early stage of the project, the solution can be started with a high-speed copper cable internet line for the data center to test the actual load needs, which can then be increased to the fiber line. if necessary.


The following hardware items are representative of recommended hardware to ensure the solution works with acceptable performance, availability, and scalability.

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