Employment information:

Viêt Ba Equipment Company Limited is an enterprise specializing in providing medical equipment and IT solutions in the field of hospital management, established in 1999, with a transaction office in Long Bien district, Hanoi, the company is in need of recruitment. personnel at the following positions:

 I. Medical equipment repair engineer: 02 people

* Request

- Graduated from University, College of electronics, biomedical electronics ...

- Read and understand English, fluent in office information

- Experience in installing, repairing, maintaining and maintaining medical machines and equipment

- Work with a sense of responsibility, withstand high pressure

* Right

- Wage agreement

- Working time: Office hours

- Good working environment, salary increases with capacity and ability to contribute to the company

- To fully pay the social insurance and health insurance regimes according to the provisions of law

- Professional training (training abroad)

- Be working in a professional, dynamic and efficient environment

II. SALES STAFF: 02 people

Job description:

- Find out information about markets, competitors, products and customers

- Finding new customers, caring for, maintaining and developing business relationships with existing customers

- Timely grasp the needs of customers to advise customers to choose the right product and make a reasonable business strategy.

- Receive and handle customer complaints about product quality, delivery time, payment ...

- Track contract performance, control debt

- Perform other jobs as assigned by the Sales Manager.


- Attractive salary, monthly and yearly bonus according to ability. Wage agreement

- To participate in professional training courses and job skills

- Ensuring full interests of employees in accordance with the current labor law

Other requirements:

- Experience in trading medical equipment for 1 year or more

- Good communication skills, understanding customer psychology

- Good at handling and negotiation skills

- Honest, dynamic, progressive, responsible at work.

- Ability to work in groups and work independently, have high work pressure tolerance in terms of sales and time.

- Can go work.

- Priority is given to candidates graduating from medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, biomedical electronics.

- Priority: Male


* Candidates who meet the requirements to send documents to the address:


Transaction office: No. 11, lane 55, lane 560, Nguyen Van Cu street, Gia Thuy ward, Long Bien district, Hanoi

Tel: 024.32127350/ 51

Email: anh.nth@vietba.com.vn

Contact: Mrs Ngo Thuy Anh


* Job application includes:

  1. Handwritten job application
  2. Resume and SK Exam Card (in the last 6 months)
  3. Notarized copies of relevant qualifications and certificates (if any); Transcripts for newly graduated students.
  4. Contact email and phone number.


Only candidates who meet the criteria are invited to be interviewed. Recruitment notice will automatically expire when enough candidates have been recruited.